From “Time Gentlemen Please”

‘Thoughts and Feelings’

A book of poetry by Nicholas Chapman

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SHADES OF GREYStones all from rocks of ageless time
Rounded into pebbles shaped so fine
Their edges worn by the tossing of the sea
As they rise like great monsters unable to flee
White horses riding surfing the endless waves
Their tongues spitting exploding as they hit the caves
Tearing another one to add to the masses on the floor
Slowly weaving tossing and turning until they are no more
Leaving golden sands for children to dance and play
From rocks to dust as it is for all the natural way
Thousands and thousands of pebbles coloured in grey
But gazing amongst them you begin to see the display
Laying dotted around all the grey, A white A black one
A brown and A red all shapes and colurs under the sun
POWERLooking at that big mass of concrete and clay
Makes me feel fear and anger as my children play
If there ever came a day when these types go wrong
God for miles and miles it’s the end of every song
Laying to waste every blade of sweet green grass
Every flower that grows safe my ass!
Written and thought of before Chernobyl blew its top
So many died giving themselves to stop it from going pop
The warning could not have been any clearer
Even now the sheep their healing no nearer
The same has and is built all over the place
Enough to change the face of the human race
It’s safe my ass!