Gem of a Thing

From “Time Gentlemen Please”

Nicholas Chapman – artist, sculptor, poet.

What is this thing they call harmlessly G.M.
Seemingly nothing at all just nature another gem
All speeded up so they say
So natural in its way
Just placing a bit there or taking something out
No mention of the reality of up the spout
Telling nature it has to change or die
And what is the experience of you and I
All speeded up so they say
Nothing unnatural in its way
Always she fights to survive like the thing she is
Adapting changing developing continuing the biz
No allowances made for the development of time
Of how Mother Nature herself will always rhyme
All speeded up so they say
But nothing natural in its way
Do we really need another dominator of the globe
Created to make the lolly hidden behind a robe
It’s fine to experiment but the expense has to be seen
If not it’s just another monster for the human scene
So personally I say no
To anything that doesn’t naturally grow