From “Time Gentlemen Please”

Nicholas Chapman – artist, sculptor, poet.

This collection of Nicholas’ artwork is based around the subject and nature of time. The works include hand carved wood sculpture, clocks and time pieces, unusual limited edition art – all individual designer pieces which will enhance the interior decoration of home or office. All of the works are made from recycled material where possible. Artwork from this site can be purchased from the artist (please see the prices page for information), or new pieces can be commissioned.

About the Artist:
Born on 29 September 1956 of George Chapman and Kate Chapman in Colchester Royal Infirmary, his early life was spent at Great Bardfield and then Norwich. The family had travelled to Wales on holidays for many years, but finally decided to settle in Wales in the early sixties. Nicholas then went to the local school at Aberaeron until he was fifteen.

At fifteen, Nicholas moved to London to learn silk screen printing at the London College of Printing. He then came back to Aberaeron to work with his father on a business venture for ten to fifteen years. During this time, Nicholas spent every spare moment playing in a rock band performing all over Wales, from Anglesey in the north to Cardiff in the south, achieving some degree of success in the underground movement.

After his father’s business failed to provide for them, Nicholas found a job at the College of Librarianship for a short while, working in the media services unit. At this time he met Dawn Slater, they married, and had three children: Natali, Rory and Lola, who Nicholas says are his inspiration.

Nicholas then spent some time providing for his family in different jobs, from working on a building site to work with a Professor Potter on a personal project constructing interior decor. It was at this time that they moved to Llanarth and set up an antique shop. He then started to run into some personal difficulties over his childhood experiences, having not told anyone except his wife. They then moved to a house with no electricity and no mains water – one of those ‘back to nature’ experiences.

Following this Nicholas began to seek help for his problems and they moved to Llanon where he worked as a roofer, and then taught carpentry. He also finally, after thirty years, told his parents of his childhood experiences. By 1996, he and his wife had divorced and Nicholas had started developing the works that comprise this website, as well as looking after his children.

This site is the result of Nicholas’s exploration into his life and how he sees things around him: his expectations, his feelings and his faith.

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