A Chocolate Covered Path

From “Time Gentlemen Please”

Nicholas Chapman – artist, sculptor, poet.

Young nostrils filled with the scent from roses and apple blossom
A cart its wheels rumbling clattering over the sound of play
A path made from chocolate shaped tiles its edges uneven
Causing it to leap and bound through the summer scented air
The sounds of laughter and shrieks of joy echo their freedom
As each child waits his turn the race continues ever on
Down the path as quick as one can to the bottom of the hill
To stop at the end is the game before the brick wall has its will
The feeling of anticipation of excitement as one waits for the next turn
The rushing air the clattering wheels the scraping of breaking feet
At the end of a successful run a refuge is sought under the trees
The blossom falling like snow dancing weaving all merrily at play